How to Schedule a Test Drive Online at Mike Anderson Chevy of Chicago

April 18th, 2020 by

You can do a lot from your couch, especially now that were all sheltering in place. Theres more information at our fingertips than ever before, from the specifications of new Chevy cars to easy credit applications.

But sometimes, theres still no substitute for visiting Mike Anderson Chevrolet of Chicago to take a test drive. After all, at some point youll have to test drive your dream car, truck, or SUV before you buy it, and our Chicago Chevy dealers are here to help with that. 

Checklist for Your Test Drive  

First, lets look over the essentials of your test drive, including the features youre going to want to check out in person.

  • Powertrains: Its one thing to see a list of engines and each ones horsepower and torque numbers. But it helps to get a feel for how an engine, transmission, and drivetrain all transmit that power to the pavement. No website can answer that for you. 
  • Handling: Theres another reason horsepower doesnt tell the whole story. Things like steering feel and cornering are very subjective, and youll want to make sure you enjoy the drive before you buy. 
  • Comfort: What an online reviewer finds uncomfortable might be just right for you. Whether its the way the seats cradle your body, the cockpit layout, or how easy it is to navigate the infotainment system, it’s important to make sure your dream vehicle is the perfect fit for you. 

Cars to Test Drive   

Weve got plenty of choices at Mike Anderson Chevrolet of Chicago, so we suggest you keep an open mind. You might come here looking for a Chevy Trax only to decide that a Chevy Equinox, with its larger size, suits you better. Or you could experience love at first sight with the Chevy Silverado 1500.

Whatever youre looking for, weve got the expertise and the Chevy financing to help make it happen. Schedule your test drive today! 

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